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Onion Is Available For Just Rs 25 Per Kg At THESE Places. Read Details | Economy News

New Delhi: As onion prices hit the roof, the government steps in with strategic plans to bring relief to the common people. In recent developments, the price of onions has doubled within a week, with rates soaring from Rs 30-35 per kilogram to an exorbitant Rs 60-90 per kilogram.

Government Is Selling Onion From Buffer Stock

In a bid to alleviate the burden on consumers, the government has launched a strategic initiative, selling onions at a subsidized rate of Rs 25 per kilogram from its buffer stock. (Also Read: LIC’s Low Investment, Good Return Scheme: Investing Rs 87 Per Day For THIS Many Years Will Give You Rs 11 Lakh Return)

With over 170 cities and 685 centers hosting dedicated onion sale stalls, this concerted effort aims to address the pressing issue of inflated onion prices across the country. 

What Government Authority Says?

Since the second week of August, the government has been consistently releasing onions from the buffer stock. Operating mobile vans under the National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation (NCCF) and the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED), onions have been distributed at the subsidized rate of Rs 25 per kilogram.

Underlining its commitment to stabilize the market, the Centre has recently declared its intention to procure an additional 2 lakh tonnes of onions for the buffer, augmenting the existing 5 lakh tonnes already in possession.

The imposition of a Minimum Export Price (MEP) has been hailed as a prudent move to secure adequate supplies of onions for domestic consumers at affordable prices, particularly with the diminishing quantity of stored Rabi 2023 onions.

Onions Available At These Places At Subsidized Rate

Notably, discounted onions are currently available through mobile vans at various locations, including Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Varanasi, Rohtak, Srinagar, Bhopal, Indore, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Current Onion Rates In Delhi

Despite these efforts, the retail price of onions has remained consistently high, hovering at an average of Rs 78 per kilogram in the national capital.

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