Who Is Satyanarayan Nuwal? This 10th Pass Man From Rajasthan Couldn’t Afford Basic Essentials, Slept On Railway Station, Now Owner Of Rs 35,800 Crore Company | Companies News


There are lots of people in this world who achieve their dreams and rise to fame on their own. They are legends in their own right for starting from scratch, overcoming all odds, and raising the bar to an unimaginably high standard. 


One such story is that of Satyanarayan Nuwal who faced a mountain of difficulty to reach a position in life where he became the owner of a billion-worth empire. There was a time when Satyanarayan spent many nights at the railway station. He kept fighting the circumstances and changed his destiny. Satyanarayan started Solar Industries India to trade in industrial explosives. Today his company’s worth is more than Rs 35,000 crore. His net worth is $3 Billion as of 2022 according to Forbes.

Struggle Days Of Satyanarayan Nuwal 

For Satyanarayan Nuwal, the journey from sleeping on the railway platform to creating an empire worth billions was arduous. Born in Rajasthan to a government employee father, Satyanarayan had dropped out of school after class 10 due to financial difficulties. At the age of just 19, he was married. After being married and having more obligations, he moved from Rajasthan to Maharashtra in pursuit of a suitable job. Unable to find a job, he spent several weeks camped out on the railway station platform. Financial issues had caused him to go through a very difficult time in his life but he did not give up. One day he met Abdul Sattar Allah Bhai, who had a magazine and a licence for explosives but wasn’t operating his business. Satyanarayan paid Abdul Sattar Rs 1,000 in rent to get the licence, with the intention of starting a business. 

The Birth Of Satyanarayan Nuwal Founded Solar Industries 

Satyanarayan Nuwal began renting explosive magazines in the 1970s. He founded Solar Industries in 1995, which first served as a supplier of explosives to state-owned coal mines. Customers looking for ammunition to use in coal mines quickly started paying him. Then he started producing his own explosives. Later, he entered the lucrative defence industry. The Solar Industries began producing everything from grenades, drones, and warheads to explosives and propellants. The business created the first weaponized drones and loitering munitions in India. The company is currently the biggest producer of industrial explosives and explosive initiating systems in India, with a presence in 65 different countries.

Satyanarayan Nuwal’s Net Worth

Forbes has listed Satyanarayan Nuwal as one of the richest men in India. According to Forbes, Satyanarayan Nuwal’s net worth is $3 Billion as of 2022.


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