Victoria Beckham shares ‘chicken’ cheeky message for David Beckham


Victoria Beckham and David Beckham exchange cheeky comments
Victoria Beckham and David Beckham exchange ‘cheeky’ comments 

Victoria Beckham has a somewhat bold New Year message for husband David Beckham following her Christmas gift to the player.

“What a handsome Cock!!!” was how Spice Girl described a photo of her husband David’s new hens on social media.

Posh gifted a flock of chickens to the former England captain for Christmas.

In addition, she uploaded a picture of him with the caption, “Just a little Friday night reading for @DavidBeckham,” from Keeping Chickens for Dummies.

Victoria Beckham/Instagram
Victoria Beckham/Instagram

In the meantime, Serie A has lost the “Beckham Law” following heated negotiations with the Italian government.

The law, formally known as the Crescita Decree, allows foreign nationals with high incomes to receive a 50% tax bill cut.

It is believed to draw foreign players to the Italian leagues and boost rivalry in the country’s top division.

The decision bears striking similarities to Spain’s “Beckham Law,” which exempts high-earners from paying income tax for the first six years of residency.

The tax edict was dubbed the “Beckham Law” because David Beckham, who went to Real Madrid in 2003, was one of the most well-known foreigners to benefit from it.

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