Star Wars’ ‘Princess Leia’, actress who missed role to rescheduling


Jodie Foster regrets losing Star Wars role
Jodie Foster regrets losing Star Wars role

Jodie Foster lost this and regrets.

The actress claims that a scheduling snag prevented her from playing Princess Leia in Star Wars.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, Foster talked about her Star Wars experience.

“I had a conflict, I was doing a Disney movie and I just didn’t want to pull out of the Disney movie because I was already under contract. So I didn’t do it,” Foster said.

The lacklustre 1977 movie Candleshoe, starring Foster as an orphan hired to locate a long-lost treasure concealed in a stately home in England, was the product of that decision.

Foster said that if Lelia’s role had been accepted by her, the famous hairdo might have looked different.

“And they did an amazing job. I don’t know how good I would have been. And I might have had different hair, you know? I might have gone with a pineapple,” Foster said.

Fisher already attested to Foster’s thought process for the position.

“But Jodie Foster was up for it… That one I knew the most. Amy Irving and Jodie. And I got it,” she said.

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