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Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, spiritual guru and founder of the Isha Foundation, underwent an emergency brain surgery at Apollo Hospital in Delhi on March 17 after massive swelling and bleeding in his brain. According to the Isha Foundation, Sadguru was examined by Dr Vinit Suri, a senior consultant neurologist at Apollo Hospitals and was advised to undergo an MRI, where massive bleeding in his brain was detected. The bleeding was touted by doctors as “life-threatening”. Sadhguru, however, is reportedly doing well currently and recovering. 

His daughter, Radhe Jaggi, shared an update on her father’s health on an Instagram story. She wrote, ““For those asking, Sadhguru is doing well and recovering quickly.” 

‘Sadhguru Was Suffering From Headache For 4 Weeks’

Dr Vinit Suri said Sadhguru had a headache for the last four weeks. “The headache was very severe and he was ignoring it because he had to do his normal activities. He even carried out the Mahashivratri function on March 8, even though he had agonising pain. The pain became severe on March 15 and then he consulted me. At 4 pm, I advised him for an MRI, but at 6 pm, he had a very important meeting and did not want to skip it. However, the MRI was done later, and the MRI showed that he had massive bleeding in the brain. It is outside the brain and below the bone. There was massive two-time bleeding – one that happened about three weeks back and the second that happened around two-to-three days ago,” Dr Suri said.

On March 17, Sadhguru’s neurological status rapidly worsened with a progressive decline in his level of consciousness. A team of doctors consisting of Dr Vinit Suri, Dr Pranav Kumar, Dr Sudheer Tyagi and Dr S Chatterjee performed the surgery within a few hours of admission to relieve the bleeding. Sadhguru was weaned off the ventilator post-surgery.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Sadhguru. “Spoke to @SadhguruJV Ji and wished him good health and a speedy recovery,” the PM said in a post on X.


Sadhguru’s Health Update: His Video On Instagram

Jaggi Vasudev, 66, said in the video which was posted on his Instagram account, “The Apollo hospital neurosurgeons cut through my skull to try and find something but found nothing — totally empty. So they gave up and patched it up. Here I am in Delhi with a patched-up skull but no damaged brain.” 


Meanwhile, the Isha Foundation said, “Sadhguru is recovering very well, and the team of doctors who performed the surgery say his condition is improving beyond expectations.”

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