Police arrest 21 electricity thieves, fine more than Rs160 mln


Following the directive of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar, a nationwide operation against electricity theft is underway in the country.

The Federal Secretary in the Ministry of Energy Pakistan, Rashid Langrial, commented on the ongoing operation against electricity theft, stating that the crackdown has begun and this is just the beginning.

He emphasized that this ruthless crime will not go unpunished.

Langrial revealed that so far, over 2 million units of stolen electricity have been identified in more than 2,000 cases of electricity theft.

In connection with these allegations, 21 individuals have been arrested, and fines totaling over 160 million rupees have been imposed.

The Secretary of Energy further stated that a sum of 1 million rupees has already been collected in relation to electricity theft cases.



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