Netflix greenlights ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ for season 2


‘Blue Eye Samurai’ gets season 2 on Netflix after the show received critical acclaim

Netflix greenlights ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ for season 2
Netflix greenlights ‘Blue Eye Samurai’ for season 2

One of the recent popular animated shows on Netflix, Blue Eye Samurai, was renewed by the streamer for season 2.

Details about the new season are still under wraps, but one of the show’s creator, Amber Noizumi, opened up about the excitement of continuing the hit story.

“When we started this project, we made a commitment to take this very personal story set in Edo-period Japan and bring it to life in the most authentic and beautiful way possible.”

He continued, “Our animators, historians, musicians, martial artists and voice cast made this a reality beyond our expectations.”

Adding, “We are thankful to our entire team and to our viewers from all over the world who have shown such passion for Mizu and her path of revenge.”

The director noted, “Mizu has a lot more blood to spill! We are deeply grateful to our incredible partners at Netflix for letting the journey continue.”

Set in the background of Edo-period Japan, Blue Eye Samurai focuses on Mizu (voiced by Maya Erskine), who is seeking the fulfillment of revenge with her sword.

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