Meghan Markle looking to recruit CEO for newly launched brand


Meghan Markle is seemingly busying her herself in conducting interviews for potential CEOs for her newly launched lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.

According to a source cited by The Daily Mail, the Duchess of Sussex is “interviewing candidates for the CEO role at the moment.”

Meghan unveiled her new venture earlier this month after she posted a grainy video of herself cooking in a rustic kitchen setup. She was then seen dressed in a black gown in her home, seemingly preparing for an event.

Royal expert Richard Eden revealed that an insider detailed to him that the brand will be “coinciding” with the launch of her cooking show on Netflix.

“Meghan will be making and selling products such as jams. At some point there will be a book and a blog,” the source shared.

“Meghan’s lawyer has applied to trademark the brand in the U.S. for various goods, including cutlery, recipe books, tablecloths, napkins, jams, edible oils, vegetable and dairy-based spreads.”

The news of the new hiring comes after a number of people exited the Sussexes’ workforce at Archewell Productions.

In more than a year’s time, reported that five senior employees left the brand for pursue a different job.

According to GB News, this makes at least 17 total staff members that the couple has lost since they moved to the US.

While the identity of the new potential recruits are kept hidden. 


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