Kate Middleton garners support amid bizarre child abuse allegations over photo scandal


Kate Middleton has apologized for her editing error in Mother’s Day photo with her kids

Kate Middleton received support after she was accused of “child abuse” over the controversy surrounding her edited Mother’s Day photo with kids.

The Princess of Wales has even apologized for the Photoshop blunder, taking full responsibility after news agencies issues “killing notification” for the picture over editing concerns.

Defending the Princess, a Royal correspondent, Charles Rae, told GB News that Kate Middleton is doing the “best she can” to assure the public she is alright while recovering from abdominal surgery.

He said, “I am appalled at the amount of and nonsense that’s spoken about this photograph today. I think this is a beautiful photograph.

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The expert continued “You would think, with all the people that are jumping up and down the bandwagon about photoshopping and everything else, that the Princess of Wales is being accused of child abuse because she’s altered someone’s sleeve on it.”

“It’s a great photograph. It was meant to be a Mother’s Day photograph. And she took the opportunity to say thanks very much,” he added.

“Honestly, the stuff that I’ve been watching and listening to on Twitter, it’s driving me round the bend. People are complaining about the foliage in the background saying it can’t be right because the foliage is wrong.

“How many gardening experts are out there that are complaining about this photograph? I mean, leave the girl alone. She’s just doing the best she can.”


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