Julia Fox ‘loves’ Kim Kardashian despite blaming her for Kanye West breakup


Julia Fox ‘really loves’ Kim Kardashian after blaming her breakup on her
Julia Fox ‘really loves’ Kim Kardashian after blaming her breakup on her

Julia Fox has nothing but love for Kim Kardashian and has admitted to being a fan of the mega popular clan.

Vanity Fair’s infamous lie detector test quashed all feuding rumours between Fox, 33, and the mother of her ex Kanye West’s children, Kardashian, 43, on a video published Wednesday.

Amidst discussions about her bold fashion choices, the interviewer handed the Italian-American actress and model a picture of Kardashian as he questioned her about rumours that the Skims founder copies her style.

“I actually really love her,” Fox blurted when she saw Kardashian’s picture, admitting that she grew up watching Kardashian’s iconic family reality TV series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“And when people would bash her I would always go to bat for her,” the Uncut Gems star declared.

But though Fox acknowledged that some of Kim’s outfits were similar to her own, she made sure to clarify, “I feel like, you know it’s just what’s trending. I don’t know if I’m on her mood board or anything like that.”

This is the second time this week that Fox has talked about the mother of her ex-boyfriend’s children.

Previously, Fox’s new memoir, Down the Drain, pointed fingers at Kardashian for ending the former’s relationship with West by raising concerns about her substance use problem, about which she has been candid. 

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