Israel-Hamas war: 166 Palestinians martyred in last 24 hours


Israel’s attacks have persisted throughout the Gaza Strip, especially in the vicinity of hospitals and in the southern part of the besieged enclave, where ground operations are stepping up.

Health ministry in Gaza says 166 Palestinians killed, 384 wounded in Israeli attacks in last 24 hours.

According to international media reports, the Israeli army in Gaza has experienced a challenging weekend, with five soldiers killed on Friday and eight killed on Saturday.

As per reports, the Israeli army has claimed that Palestinian fighters have been shooting at Israeli troops as they targeted tunnels. The eight soldiers killed on Saturday were killed by guided missiles, rocket fire, and fierce exchanges in the Gaza Strip.

According to reports, the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza, characterised by ongoing soldier losses and rocket fire towards Israel, suggests a lack of control, potentially prolonging the current phase of the war.

According to Israeli defense minister Yoav Gallant, this could continue into February before transitioning to a new phase. The ground facts suggest that this phase may continue for longer.

Israel’s opposition leader Yair Lapid says “there is no trust between the security and political systems”, referring to the Israeli government’s treatment of the army, Israeli media quoted him as saying.

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