Electricity bill of September will be less compared to August: Energy Minister


Caretaker Energy Minister Muhammad Ali expressed hope that decision regarding relief in electricity bills will be taken by Monday.

Speaking to a private news channel, Caretaker Energy Minister Muhammad Ali said that proposals for relief in electricity bills have been sent to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), it is hoped that a decision will be taken on the matter by Monday.

Energy Minister stated: “Gas prices will have to be increased across the country as losses of Rs350 billion have to be recovered in the gas sector”.

The federal minister added that electricity bill of September will be less compared to August. If there is no crackdown against electricity thieves, then burden will increase for those who are paying the bill.

On the other hand, caretaker Commerce Minister Gohar Ijaz said there is ample stock of sugar in the country. There is no crisis, the main reason for the inflation is the supply chain being affected.

It is pertinent to note that a large-scale crackdown has been launched against electricity and gas thieves across the country and recovery is also being done by registering cases against electricity and gas thieves.

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