Asim Azhar snaps back to the trolling at IBA Literature Festival


A certain video of singer Asim Azhar recently went viral on social media when he was seemingly trolled during an appearance at a prominent varsity.

Azhar faced heckling at a literary festival held at the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) in Sukkhar. The incident unfolded as Azhar engaged in conversation with host Yasir Hussain and was met with some distasteful comments regarding his personal life. Some members of the audience began taunting the singer, chanting the name of the Ghalat Fehmi’s ex-girlfriend, Hania Aamir. Azhar and the renowned star had been romantically linked in the past.

In a moment captured in a viral video, Azhar silenced the misogynistic chants with a retort. “IBA hai ya pagal khaana?” (Is this IBA or a madhouse?),” the singer called back. Hussain, standing beside Azhar, also rebuked the hecklers, urging them to behave as educated individuals.

The history between Azhar and Aamir is one that captured the public’s imagination. While their rumored relationship had been the talk of the town back in the day, Aamir later dispelled all conjecture during an Instagram live session with singer Aima Baig. The revelation left their admirers heartbroken, having fervently supported the union of the two talented artists.

Nonetheless, both Aamir and Azhar moved forward with their lives. Azhar found happiness in his engagement to the rising star Merub Ali, and Amir adopted a more cautious approach to her public presence.

Notably, this was not the first time that Azhar faced such taunts from fans. Previously, while performing at an educational institution, he had responded to similar chants by humorously quipping, “Ex ka naam lein gai to boys ko maza nahi ayega (If you mention the ex’s name, it won’t be fun for the boys).”

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