Adam Driver confirms he welcomed a daughter eight months ago


Adam Driver confirmed that he and his wife welcomed a daughter eight months ago.

On the latest episode of Live with Kelly & Mark, the 40-year-old Ferrari actor revealed that he had welcomed his second child, a daughter, with his wife Joanna Tucker.

He got candid with the hosts, longtime married couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, about the challenges of raising a newborn.

“She’s eight months,” he answered Ripa’s question about how his daughter’s been. To which she replied, “How nice! That must’ve been like a Santa’s Wish, I guess.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Driver joked. “I have an older son who is six and so she, now she’s eight months and you kind of forget how much babies kinda suck.”

Consuelos went on to ask the Oscar-nominated actor if he had been getting any sleep since welcoming his daughter.

“Not a lot, not a lot, not a lot,” Driver said. “But I’m remembering this time that I have to enjoy it more. This first time, it went too fast and I was so anxious for him to kind of develop so he could communicate and tell me what was wrong. And now I’m more patient with her. I’m trying to enjoy it more.”

The Star Wars actor added that since it is his second time around, some things are coming a lot easier, partially due to the fact that his daughter “likes me more,” whereas with his son, “he didn’t want anything to do with me for the first three years.”

Earlier in December, People confirmed that the actor and his wife had welcomed their second child, but Page Six was the first to report the news, having found out after Driver reportedly announced his daughter’s birth during a dress rehearsal while hosting Saturday Night Live.

“Last year, I asked for a baby girl, and I got it, which is exhausting,” the actor reportedly said during rehearsal. “So this year, I wish for Ambien!”

In his previous SNL appearance in 2020, the Marriage Story actor addressed whether or not he was a father in his opening monologue. He said, “I’m a husband. And a father. It’s in that order though. I’ve been very clear with my son about that, he’s second in everything.”

Driver and Tucker’s unnamed son, who reportedly has no interest in watching some of his famous father’s movies, including 65.

“So, I was with my family all the time, and my son was just telling me everything about every dinosaur,” he recalled in an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers. “And he’s into dinosaurs. I’m like, ‘I’m in.’ And then we went [to set], and he kind of knew everything. The guy was like, ‘This might be a little scary. Don’t be scared.’ He’s like, ‘No … Gallimimus…Eoraptor…’ He was naming everything, he was really into it.”

“But he doesn’t want to see the movie because it’s too scary,” added Driver. “So, I basically made this thing for him to watch that he has no interest in watching.”

The actor is notoriously private about his personal life, going to great lengths to keep his son out of the spotlight.

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